Stratton Camera Club


The club shall be known as “Stratton Camera Club”


The club aims to provide a platform for like-minded members to increase their enjoyment, improve on their ability and
enhance their overall experience of photography.


Membership is open to all, regardless of age, ability, or level of equipment, and is at the discretion of the management team.


The club will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, colour, nationality, sexuality,
disability, political or religious beliefs, marital status, or age.


President: This is a lifetime, unelected position awarded to Lesley Hunt, the club's originator.

The President, whilst having the power to overturn, veto, or otherwise amend any decision made by or
on behalf of the management or members, undertakes never to invoke such power,
unless an unequivocal threat of damage or harm to
any member or members, club equipment, or to the reputation, popularity, or public perception of the club is present.

 Managers: There will be a management team, who will oversee the day to day running of the club and it's activities.

Sub-teams may be formed by the management team to undertake or work
on various aspects of the club's activities or aims.

All sub-team works, projects, ideas and designs are to be submitted to the management
team for approval before being actioned.


Membership is by subscription, and is subject to approval by the management team.

Subscription rates will be set at the AGM.


The financial year is to run from 1st April to 31st March.

The treasurer is to keep records of all income & expenditure, present interim reports at management meetings,
and submit a full financial report at the AGM for audit, to be carried out by a suitably qualified
or experienced independent auditor.

The management team are authorised to disburse a maximum of £300 on any single item,
or £350 on two or more related items.

Disbursements exceeding these amounts must be agreed to by a majority of the members.


The AGM is to be held on the earliest convenient date after the end of the financial year,
but in any event no later than two months after this date.

All members will be given a minimum of four weeks notice of the AGM, this to be given in
any form acceptable to each member.

The quorum required for an AGM to be valid is set at 50% of total membership.

The AGM is to take the following format:

Apologies for absence.
Minutes of the previous AGM.
Chairman's report.
Secretary's report.
Financial report.
Any other business.


An EGM may be called if requested by a minimum of 10% of total membership.

Any request for an EGM must be made in writing (or email)* to the secretary,
giving not less than four weeks notice.

The letter should state reason(s) for the request and be signed by all concerned.

*If delivered by email, a scan or copy of such a physical signed letter will suffice).


This constitution may only be amended at the AGM, or at an EGM convened expressly for this purpose.

Proposed changes to the constitution are to be included in the notification of such meeting.

Changes or amendments may only be effected if a majority agreement of those in attendance is achieved.


The club may be dissolved only with the agreement of 75% of all members.

In the event of club dissolution, club assets will be liquidised and any creditors will be paid, as far as is possible, pro rata.

Any remaining monies are to be distributed in a manner to be decided by a majority of those agreeing to the dissolution.