Stratton Camera Club is a not for profit group run by volunteers.

We are administered by our management team, consisting of the club Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The management team can and will, as the needs of the club grow and change over time, add to or amend the rules as required.

We have deliberately tried to keep the rules to a minimum, preferring to keep the club on a friendly footing, and trusting that our membership apply a degree of decency and common sense in regard to their behaviour in the club.


SCC aims to provide a friendly, vibrant, social and educational environment for anybody with an interest in photography.

Since we are run by volunteers, we actively encourage participation and contribution by our members by:
Coming forward with new ideas and activities to enhance enjoyment of meetings.

Helping to set out and put away equipment at the beginning and end of each meeting.
Volunteering to assist in club events, field trips etc.


Subscriptions for the coming season will be set at our annual AGM, at no later than our regular club night in Apr

Visitors are asked to pay £3.00. If a visitor subsequently joins the club, the visitor fee will be deducted from the subscription fee.


Whilst we do not actively encourage minors to join, anybody over the age of 14 who wishes to join is very welcome to do so, at the reduced rate of £20.00, provided they are chaperoned at all times by a responsible adult, who must be a club member.

The meeting room has a maximum capacity of 30. Members are required to familiarise themselves
with the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers etc.

Members should sign in on arrival, or be signed in

This is done by simply ticking the relevant box on the sign-in sheet. Guests and other non-members should add their names to the list.

The club does not provide insurance or indemnity for loss or damage to items brought to meetings by members or visitors.

All personal property, cameras & related equipment, or any other item brought into meetings is done so at your own risk.


Sexually explicit, pornographic,or otherwise potentially offensive material is not to be displayed at meetings or exhibitions,
or entered into any competition run by the club.

Members using such material outside any club activity should avoid any reference to the club, written or
otherwise, in connection with this.

If you have an image which may be considered “risque”, please seek approval from one of the management
team before using it in any club activity.