~ Critique Process - Independent Judges ~

All our club competitions will be critiqued by an
independent judge only

 Competition images will be collated on club nights -  our invited judge, will then provide us with positive feedback, during our critique evenings, which are scheduled in our programme during the year.

The scores awarded at these evenings provide the points that go towards our season winners
General Competition Rules
These rules apply to all competitions, unless otherwise stated
1) All images submitted for competitions, the club website, or any other club use, must be the members own work, for which he/she owns the copyright.

1a Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement.

           1b Any image that is manipulated so that it becomes significantly different to the original can be considered to be a new image
1c No image can be greater than 4 years old at the time of judging.

1d Once an image has been submitted to any club competition, the same image cannot be resubmitted to any future competition, using a different title.

1e  All entries should have a digital copy forwarded to the club secretary.

 The author is deemed to have given the club permission to use this in any appropriate way,
including (but not limited to) website use, battles, exhibitions etc.

2) Competitions will be in either print or digital format as specified in the rules for each competition

 3) For all competitions, unless otherwise specified, entries are limited to 2 per member

  4) If a competition is well subscribed, the entry number may be reduced to ensure all entries can be judged in the available time.
  At least one entry from each member will be shown.

5) The copyright of the image remains with the author.

  6) The management will select the images to be use in battles, based on battle criteria and the best images to represent the club.

   7) Any image which achieves first, second or third place in any monthly competition may not be entered into any other monthly competition.

* Prints *

* Open Subject from 2018 *

  1) All competition prints must be mounted on a board not exceeding 50 x 40cm.
The aperture can be any size.

  a) Entries must be labelled on the back, with the image title, the author's membership no.

and the competition subject.

eg: " Your Title_A "
                  Membership No: 000

      " Your Title_B "
                  Membership No: 000

b) The name of the author is not to be shown on anywhere on the entry.

c) An arrow showing the orientation of the image may be added on the back, if this is ambiguous.

d) All velcro, hooks, or other fixings must be removed before entry, as these can damage other prints

or mounts.

* Digital Entries *

* Subjects *

Images will be projected in a landscape format at the native resolution of the projector.

Native mode size is 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically.

(Images smaller than this size will still project correctly but will appear smaller on the screen

than those at the maximum size allowed.)

Colour Space/mode: SRGB, 8 bit

JPEGS only 

Image files must be named using A or B (denoting the order of preference)
followed by a space then a short title, finishing with an underscore (“_”), the photographer’s name

“A_ Your Title_Your Name.jpg”

“B_ Your Title_Your Name.jpg”

Please do not be put off by entering digital images because you are unable to resize

Lesley will check every digital entry before the competition, and will resize images, if necessary

When you send through your digital entries/or battle submissions by email, Michelle will send out a thank you email to confirm she has recieved your images within 48hrs

Thank you


An external judge will award  

1 x 1st
 1 x 2nd
 1 x 3rd
            2 x Highly Commended
       3 x Commended
  No ties are permitted
Scoring will be as follows: - First place =  10 points
                        Second place  = 8 points
                       Third place =  6 points
                              Highly commended  =  4 Points
                         Commended  =  2 Points

     1 point will be awarded for each entry
Members who images get placed, will only be awarded the highest amount eg: 1st = 10 points,
any further placements in the same competition, will not be added, nor will they be given the 1 point for entering
(eg: If you are awarded 1st place and a HC, you would only score the highest = 10 points)

Whilst due care will be taken when handling prints, neither the club or visiting judges can be held
responsible for the loss or damage to members' entries.
For any further information, please ask - we are always here to help!
* Help With Digital Resizing *

The file specifications for Stratton Camera Club digital competitions are:

JPEG image of size 1920 x 1080 pixels landscape

What If I Can't Resize ?

Don't panic!! - what is important is that we recieve your images/entries - help is always available

To ensure that your entries have been accepted, Michelle will acknowledge their receipt within 48 hours

If you do not receive an acknowledgement, then assume they have not been received and please send again

Thank You!